Community Connection Inc.

Our Vision

To make “what can be” a reality for individuals with

a disability.

Our Mission

Community Connection Incorporated provides personal

support and assistance to individuals with a disability, and

their families, so that all people have choice as to how they want to live within their community.


We Provide Support to: -

  • People with a developmental and/or a physcial disability.
  • Families with a son or daughter who has a disability.

Community Connection Provides: -

  • Individualised Support
  • In-home respite/social support
  • Support to access the community
  • Lifestyle and future planning
  • Developmental, Communication and Behavioural Strategies
  • Domestic assistance - cleaning etc.

Community Connection Believes that People with a Disability Have: -

  • The right to live in their community
  • The right to an ordinary life
  • The right to opportunities and choices in their lives
  • The right to be respected and valued